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you've always wanted.

The process of finding and giving Real Love is free. Many of us, however, can benefit greatly from having a Real Love Coach—someone experienced in the principles of Real Love.


Over 35000+ Happy People and Still Counting

Generous Access

Real Love Coaching clients have generous access to their coach during the months of their contract. This is vastly more valuable than the industry standard of a single half-hour call per week.

Trained in Real Love

A Real Love Coach is someone who has completed a rigorous course of instruction and practical examination and has demonstrated a thorough intellectual understanding of the principles of Real Love, as well as an ability to implement them in the lives of others.

Free Consultation

New visitors are eligible for a free fifteen-minute consultation with a Real Love Coach.

about us

We use our experience to help you enjoy a happier life

For twenty years, Greg was a highly successful surgeon, teacher, civic leader, and entrepreneur. But despite all his accomplishments, wealth, and respect, he felt empty and unhappy. He became a drug addict and nearly committed suicide. In his subsequent search for genuine happiness, he learned important principles that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. You can learn these, too.

He trains psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage therapists, and coaches worldwide who have discovered that traditional therapy is grossly ineffective. He teaches them how they can make a real and lasting difference in the individual, happiness of their clients and in the ability of their clients to participate in fulfilling relationships.


Discover how we make a difference with your life

Your Real Love Coach will help you

  • identify the Imitation Love and Getting and Protecting Behaviors that are getting in the way of your finding genuine happiness.
  • identify new and far more productive ways to interact with everyone in your life.
  • feel unconditionally loved.
  • become a better spouse, dating partner, parent, family member, co-worker, boss, and so on.
  • replace the anger and confusion in your life with peace, confidence, and meaning.