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A Real Love Coach is someone who has completed a rigorous course of instruction and practical examination and has demonstrated a thorough intellectual understanding of the principles of Real Love, as well as an ability to implement them in the lives of others.

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  • Sharolie Jansen

    Sharolie Jansen is one of a small handful of the more experienced Real Love® coaches in the world. She is also a Certified Real Love® presenter, workshop facilitator and Conference Call host. She has been honing her 

    Frank Kraft

    Frank Kraft was introduced to Real Love® in 2008 and now works as a master Real Love Coach, as well as a presenter, workshop facilitator and Conference Call host. He professionally coaches people in

    Garth Hammond

    Garth Hammond found Real Love® in 2009 and now works as a master Real Love Coach. He professionally coaches people in person and by phone and video calls. Garth co-hosts a weekly Real Love Conference Call, helping

    Melanie Engram

    Melanie is a Certified Real Love Coach living in Alaska with her family. She was miserably unhappy until she stumbled across in 2010. She learned about the Real Love® principles and was so 

    Kathy Frisch

    Since 2005, Kathy has been applying Real Love® principles in her life, and in 2013 was certified as a Real Love® coach. In addition to providing coaching for individuals and couples, she uses these valuable principles in 

    Tami Strom

    In 2010, Tami came to Real Love® lost, angry, and desperate. She persisted in learning and practicing Real Love® until her life is now unrecognizable. Tami has learned to be a happy person, wife, and mother, and she

    Trish Callahan

    Trish is a living example of the power of transformation to be found in living Real Love®. Years ago, she was chronically ill, afraid, and isolated in an extreme way. Now she coaches people with Real Love® principles and offers