Becoming a Real Love Coach 

The world is literally dying from a lack of Real Love. Those of us who have any Real Love to offer have both an enormous opportunity and responsibility.

Requirements for Certification as a Real Love® Coach

The world is literally dying from a lack of Real Love. Those of us who have any Real Love to offer have both an enormous opportunity and responsibility. As we unconditionally love people and teach people, we introduce a power into their lives that is unparalleled.

Wise men and women feel loved, see people clearly, and share their love with others. These qualities require a great deal of preparation. We all have the opportunity to function as wise men and women in a variety of environments, but some of us will choose to use our talents in a professional way, as Real Love Coaches. The most important functions of a Real Love Coach (RLC) are to love and teach, and in order to perform these functions, a RLC must have more than simple training.

Following is a list of basic requirements to become an RLC, but I emphasize that these are minimum requirements. In our experience, many people complete the following requirements and still are not ready to be RLCs.  Genuine qualification requires practice and real loving. Many candidates will require additional training, either on their own or in a program which we offer.

1. Read or listen to the following books:

2. View the following materials:

3. Hire a Certified Real Love Coach for a minimum two-month contract to eliminate emptiness and fear in your own life.

4. Participate in a weekly Loving Group for 3 months—in person or via Real Love endorsed Conference Calls.

5. Receive oral endorsements from two certified RLCs.

6. Successful completion of a final in-depth interview, where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to love and teach a variety of clients under a variety of conditions.

Your next step:

  • Receive written recommendations from 2 RLCs who have spoken with candidate
  • Coaching with a Certification Officer — 10 to 30 hours

Again, certification as an RLC is unlike other professional licensing. You can’t earn it by memorizing things from a book. You have to know the principles. You have to live them. You have to actually be a wise man or woman. Completion of the above requirements is intended to be helpful in achieving certification, but completion of the requirements will not guarantee certification. In the end, no matter what steps you take, it’s your ability to love and teach that makes you a RLC.

Once you have certified as an RLC, you will be eligible to coach clients from, and you will also be able to host conference calls. Conference Call Hosts are in the unique position of advertising their services. It is a wonderful opportunity to find new clients. 

Visitors to have the option of receiving a free 15-minute consultation with a RLC. This gives prospective coaching clients an opportunity to see the benefit of Real Love Coaching and to find a compatible coach. RLCs are not paid for these consultations. This is standard practice in the life-coaching profession. Free clients and paid clients are assigned to coaches equally.

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