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What is a Real Love Coach?

A Real Love Coach is someone who has completed a rigorous course of instruction and practical examination and has demonstrated a thorough intellectual understanding of the principles of Real Love, as well as an ability to implement them in the lives of others.

How does Real Love Coaching work?

When you’re ready to meet with a coach you'll go to the Real Love Coaching scheduling page.

On this page you can either

  • Choose a coach whose name you know
  • Ask for a coach to be assigned to you

You can then choose one of two courses:

  • You can begin a course of Real Love coaching with that coach OR
  • You can first benefit from a fifteen-minute free consultation with that coach, to determine if a coaching relationship is what you want.**

**New visitors are eligible for a free fifteen-minute consultation with a Real Love Coach. You can read more about Real Love Coaching below, or click here to begin scheduling your free session.

Your Real Love Coach will then contact you by e-mail or by phone to begin the process of coaching.

What will I talk about with my coach?

Your Real Love Coach will help you

  • identify the Imitation Love and Getting and Protecting Behaviors that are getting in the way of your finding genuine happiness.
  • identify new and far more productive ways to interact with everyone in your life.
  • feel unconditionally loved.
  • become a better spouse, dating partner, parent, family member, co-worker, boss, and so on.
  • replace the anger and confusion in your life with peace and confidence.

What does it cost?

Most personal coaches charge by the hour, which tends to make the client limit the interactions with the coach out of a concern for expense. Real Love Coaches charge their clients by the month, and then they work out a schedule that is most effective for client and coach alike. At times you might be talking to your coach every other day, and at other times your contacts will be less frequent. The most common amount of time coaching per month is 5 hours, which could be the sum of calls ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes each. Your coach will keep track of the time you spend together and will tell you when you are at the end of your monthly contract.

The coaching arrangement is monthly for $600 per month.
After the first month you can purchase additional months in one-month increments. Billing is done at the beginning of coaching agreement.

To purchase additional time with your coach simply visit the scheduling page, specify your coach, and submit the online form to our office. Your order will be quickly processed by our staff and your coach will contact you to schedule your first consultation.